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My love of gardens and flowers began when I was in the 5th grade. We were moving, again. This time it was back to our home state of Minnesota from Texas. We were to live in St. Cloud, MN, to be exact, the charming little town my parents grew up in. My dad was returning to college and we were going “home”. I was a creative, little sprite that loved to draw and explore the outdoors. One of the special places I wandered was Munsinger Clemens Gardens located along the great Mississippi River.

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It is magical there, especially in the Summer. Lush flowers and shrubs of all kinds, majestic trees, the rushing sounds of the river, and the loud call of peacocks that live there. I wish I could bottle the scent and how fresh the air is. I made the gardens and the river my go to spot.

My 95 year old Gram took walks there every day, it’s no wonder she’s seen such longevity. When she found out that was where I was spending most of my time, she told me the story of how the garden came to be. Mr. and Mrs. Clemens lived across the street from the garden. Mrs. Clemens was wheelchair bound from her battle with Multiple Sclerosis. Mr. Clemens heard that the land across the street was for sale, made the purchase and then donated it to the city with the vision of creating a sprawling rose garden for Mrs. Clemens to view and enjoy strolls in. An act of true love and romance to provide the gift of nature’s beauty and peace to his beloved wife while she battled such a debilitating disease. Honoring her, wishing to bring her joy “in sickness and in health”.

You see, this is the foundation and philosophy of Sarah’s Garden. I believe deeply in the power of love, commitment, and devotion through the act of marriage. I believe in the magic of nature, especially flowers to transform, heal, inspire and commemorate the best moments of life. Since 1996, when I first learned to design, I have had the honor of creating floral arrangements for many of life’s milestones. Births, graduations, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, friendships, thank you’s, apologies, illnesses and deaths. Of course, out of all of these memorable moments, weddings are my passion. They encompass beginnings, love, friendship, commitment, families, legacies, hope for tomorrow. All the very BEST things in life. My wish is to create mini gardens of love like Mr. Clemens, to honor your wedding day for all to enjoy and remember as a beautiful way to commemorate love and marriage.

After nearly 25 years and 700 weddings, I still get choked up.

If I could recommend Sarah to every bride in Arizona, I would! 

Sarah is also amazingly sweet, and you can tell she loves what she does. Our wedding florals turned out completely perfect, and I am still dreaming of them! If I could recommend Sarah to every bride in Arizona, I would! If you’re considering using Sarah’s Garden for a florist, just do it. You won’t regret it!

Audrey & Idan

Incredible! Took our vision & made it reality!

Sarah went above and beyond! She was so kind and willing to go out of her way to make our special day happen and dreams come true. Aside from seeing our vision, my mom (also a florist) would not have trusted anyone else to do this job and we are so thankful for her precision and care. David and I keep reliving this moment over and over again and we can't thank Sarah enough for being apart of our special day.

Rebecca & David

We love Sarah and her genuine spirit and passion for her craft.

OhMyGoodness! Sarah's flowers were SO beautiful, I can't get over them! She is incredibly talented and I'm glad I didn't go with anyone else. If I had to do it over again, I would pick her in a heartbeat! Her arrangements were gorgeous, and she's a quick problem solver too. We love Sarah and her genuine spirit and passion for her craft. She's a true artist in every sense!

Abby & Jibby

The textures and colors she chose fit perfectly.

We planned our Sedona wedding from across the country, and Sarah was incredible to work with. The whole process was so incredibly easy, and her work couldn't have been more beautiful. I know almost nothing about flowers, and Sarah was able to take a look at the inspiration I had pulled together to suggest things I would have never thought of.

Ashley & Matt


It’s only appropriate that flowers have been a part of weddings for millennia. Their origins were to ward off negativity and attract prosperity for the couple and their families. Today, they bring breathtaking beauty, symbolism and significance to the wedding day and are forever captured in your photos.

When I see those photos and watch your video, I will cry tears of joy like the mush I am because I was there to witness your love story. I had the honor to help you bring even more beauty to it.

After almost 25 years and over 700 weddings, I still get choked up. because I know what a big deal it is. So many of my former clients have kept in touch and I am truly honored to see them create a life together, maybe make little versions of themselves, carry on the love that started with their wedding.

One of my greatest joys in life is to sit around a table with you, along with your family, and learn about your unique love story. I love to dream with you, to foster a collaborative relationship and become a vessel of creativity for you to convey your desired esthetic and feel for the wedding day. I want to help you make meaningful memories and see beauty everywhere you look.

When the time comes to stop dreaming and make the design a reality, I replay your love story in my mind while I’m designing the floral for you. I picture the ceremony and how the flowers add to the beauty of you reciting your vows and promising everlasting love. I imagine how the arrangements will add charm and color to the tables where you and your guests celebrate your divine union.

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