My favorite time of year for my wedding Floral design Business in Arizona, and the harvest of wisdom I’ve reaped so far in 2020

The Time When Everything Gets Beautiful to Me

This time of year is the beginning of when I start to feel like I’m back to my normal self. You see, when it starts heating up in April and May, I suddenly wonder why I chose, wedding floral design business in Arizona as a business? I personally FEEL like the wedding flowers look, wilted and scared for their lives. Like many an Arizona wedding florist, this goes on for weeks until the oven I live in starts to cool down. It’s right about now, late September, the Autumnal Equinox that my whole being says, “ahhh, we’re getting closer to it being a humanly comfortable temperature to be outdoors”. The color palettes get so rich and interesting. The floral textures are unique and earthy.

photo by Cameron Clark Photography

Taking Time to Honor the Harvest

Even though we only have two seasons in Arizona, hot and hotter, I do come from Minnesota and it is a great practice for me to still observe four seasons. I like to take the Fall equinox as a time to “harvest” the flowers of wisdom or look at what I’ve “reaped” for the year so far in personal and professional development. It’s so easy to just forge through life without taking time to honor all that has brought you to the present point in your life’s journey.

What flowers of wisdom and progress have I harvested so far in 2020:

I have reinvented Sarah’s Garden. I’ve decided to cap off the amount of large, custom weddings we do in a year to 15. Also, I’ve introduced the new Online Collections to make ordering wedding floral simplified and easy in 2020. With so many elopements and intimate gatherings, this has been such a positive offering for so many couples. It’s freed up more balance in my schedule.

I truly feel like I am finally experiencing work/life balance. Making boundaries a priority has never been easy for me. Workaholism is a good excuse to ignore self improvement, to not exercise, sleep well and eat healthy. I started this wedding floral design business in Arizona 9 years ago thinking that balancing life and work, would be a breeze. Just because I was self employed, I quickly realized boundaries where really tough for me. I said “yes”to so many things I didn’t want to and “no” to myself and my family.

Yes, the wedding postponements and cancellations because of Covid-19 have been awful. A true silver lining for many people, not just me, has been more time for health, stillness and connection with family and friends. We’ve created a “pause” button to allow us to analyze how we want to live our lives. I’m grateful for the time to “sow” new practices into my business and personal lives. What do you feel like you’ve “reaped” so far this year?

Happy Autumnal Equinox


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