“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”
―Antoine de Saint-Exuperywww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.com georgiashoot


www.brushfirephotography.comwww.brushfirephotography.comOver the past few years the desert has become a place of peace, calm and mystery for me. It’s much quieter than a forest full of noisy birds and such. One is left with their thoughts, void of distraction. It’s become a destination of choice for many seeking a desert wedding aesthetic. Inspiration for these images came from my love of the art of Georgia O’Keefe, a fellow desert dweller and very unconventional woman, let alone human being. She saw things in the desert and interpreted them in such a soft, yet strong way. I pondered about an unconventional bride and how she would feel beautiful on her desert wedding day. She would have free, windswept hair. A comfortable, yet ultra elegant gown. She would be paying much attention to her natural surroundings, feeling the moments fully. She would feel strong and hopeful with the warm rays of sun shining on her.

photography: brushfire photography, gown jenny packham via the dress theory san diego, model kate via the agency arizona, hair emily hughes, makeup cremedelamakeup, coordination kdpevents, ribbons froufrouchic


Peaceful Desert Wedding Inspiration


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