Mt. Lemmon Elopement

“When preparing to climb a mountain – pack a light heart. “

-Dan May

No place on Earth is quite like Mount Lemmon in Tucson, Arizona. A forest of thousands of Saguaro cacti inhabit the base and as you climb, the foliage transitions into Manzanita as you reach sheer rock formations and cliffs, until you reach it’s Alpine summit. The rocks ravaged by wind and erosion stretch out in all directions creating a sensation that if one reached enough momentum, they could launch into flight. The ominous clouds of the seasonal monsoon filtered the sun to cast the most ethereal light, as they rumbled with thunder around the lookout point. As dusk settled, the luminaries created glowing towers to light the way.

We styled minimally and soft to juxtapose the hard rock and jutting edges. Her bouquet was soft, yet tough, much like the landscape. The colors were kept light to blend with the otherworldly landscape.The unique natural beauty was our inspiration for this elopement shoot.




photo:brushfire photography, dress: jenny packham from the dress theory san diego, menswear: j crew, coordination: kdp events,  hair and makeup: jessica fierro, calligraphy: jenny sanders of grace line art, models: hannah & matt  featured on OnceWed

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