Desert Wedding Inspiration

“A desert is a place without expectation.”

-Nadine Gordimer

Some may say that the desert is a strange place to get married. I beg to differ. Like the quote above, a wedding and a marriage truly are at their best when they are void of expectation, but full of hope, love, unconditional giving and adaptability. I believe it to be a very beautiful and unique location to hold a wedding. Just the soft & dusty colors alone are very inspiring.  A desert wedding is warm and full of light, most of the year without the chance of rain. The tall and old Saguaro cacti and giant Agave are symbols of strength, survival and steadfastness in a harsh environment, which are amazing qualities in a marriage. For many people, the desert evokes images of the Old West: cowboys & tumbleweeds, etc.. As you can see on the inspiration board below, it really can be quite elegant. Clean and simple. Desert Inspiration

 from top left: gown by rue de seine, mint photo, josevilla , carolinetran, bottom center: kristinjoy

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